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Covid-19 update

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak we at Invergordon Bus Tours are currently operating under strict guidance from the following organisations …

The port of Invergordon, Scotland, UK is currently closed to cruise ships until the end of April, beyond this is being monitored on a daily basis.

At such point going forward that the relevant bodies decide to permit the resumption of cruise ship visits to the port, we at Invergordon Bus Tours will provide service from our location adjacent to the main entry/exit point to/from the Invergordon Service Base port area.

From any cruise ship visit resumption point, and for the duration of the 2020 cruise season, we will operate under the following strict biosecurity conditions …

At our branded reception/meeting point trailer signage and our staff will instruct all guests to use the hand sanitizer provided before approaching the reception counter.

All physical contact between non family individuals will be prohibited.

At our tour bus/coach parking area, located a short walk further on from our reception/meeting point trailer, all guests will be instructed to use the hand sanitizer provided by tour personnel before boarding their tour bus/coach, and at each point of re boarding the vehicle for the duration of their tour.

All of our tour vehicles will be provided for service to a high standard of cleanliness, and our tour personnel will maintain this standard at all points prior to visitors re boarding the tour vehicles.

Those will be minimum requirements for the purpose of keeping everybody safe and well, we will monitor them on an ongoing basis, and make alterations as we may see fit.

Cancellation policy for pre reserved guests …

In order to protect our business through this uncertain period, our Covid-19 cancellation/refund policy is as follows …

All guests that have prepaid for tour seats with ourselves across the 2020 cruise season, but have had their plans curtailed due to cancellation of their cruise due to the said Covid-19 outbreak will have such payments refunded in full on the date of their original plan to visit the port of Invergordon, Scotland, UK.

All such dates when refunds are to be processed are being noted, and all such payments will be made timely.

2021 Cruise Season

Dates for our 2021 cruise season are already being entered into the reservation/booking system.

A limited number of heavily discounted tour seats will be available on dates across the season, early reservation is advised in order to avoid disappointment, as when those seats are gone the regular seat price will resume.

Enter a date into the reservation/booking system in order to check on availability.

We would like to wish all people good health, safety, and good fortune during this challenging period.

The team at Invergordon Bus Tours.