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Terms & conditions

Invergordon Bus Tours currently offers seats on the following guided bus/coach tours for reservation/sale:

Tour 1) Loch Ness, Inverness & Cawdor Castle
Tour 2) Taste of the North
Tour 3) Loch Ness, Inverness & Culloden Battlefield
Tour 4) Loch Ness & Inverness via Beauly

In order to reserve seats on any of those tours, advance online payment via the PayPal facility on this site is required.Payment once made will be receipted, and your reservation will be confirmed by Invergordon Bus Tours by the provision of a Reservation Confirmation & Arrival/Meeting Information document sent to your e-mail address.

Although some seats on a given tour may be available for sale on the day of a given ship’s visit, a seat or seats will not be held in advance of a ship’s arrival in port without prior payment.

Refund policy is as follows:

If a cruise ship scheduled to visit the port of Invergordon, Scotland UK has it’s visit cancelled entirely for any reason, all advance online payments made for seats on any of the bus / coach tours scheduled as running on that day will be refunded, less any administrative charge that may be incurred by Invergordon Bus Tours.

If a scheduled visit is postponed to a new date…eg..the next day, the tour will simply be run on that new date, subject to the availability of the tour vehicle, driver and tour guide at such short notice…if this is so, the tour will run as planned, but on the new date.  If not so, the refund policy for a missed visit, as previously described, will apply.

If a given tour is available on a rescheduled date, no refund for seats bought on that tour will be available purely on the basis that it has been rescheduled.

In the event that a buyer fails to join their tour timely for it’s departure, resulting in them missing their tour, no refund of the seat price paid will be available, except under the following circumstances:

If a buyer is unable to join their tour due to illness on the day of their visit, provided that written confirmation from the ship’s medical officer is delivered to the tour operator at least one hour before the tour is due to depart, a refund of that person’s seat price paid will be made under usual policy.

In the event that a tour is terminated early due to a mechanical breakdown, or similar, of the tour vehicle, the timely portion of the tour that was not delivered will be refunded to all guests on that tour.

So, if for example a tour was of 5 hours duration, and one hour of this time was not delivered, 20% of the seat price paid will be refunded to all guests on that tour.  Under such circumstances alternative transport will be provided to deliver the remainder of the tour, and to return our guests to the port timely for their ship’s departure.

If on the morning of a visit, or at any point during a tour, the weather appears less than ideal, the refund of a seat price, or portion of it, is not available.

Also, in the event that a strong focal point on a tour, like a panoramic view, cannot be seen due to weather conditions, no refund of a seat price paid, or a portion of it, is available.

If a tour is diverted for any reason outwith the control of Invergordon Bus Tours, for example, by the police for any reason, or due to a road accident, no refund of the seat price paid, or a portion of it, is available.

The last condition also applies in the event that the tour operator decides that perhaps due to a road accident or similar possible holdup, that it’s wisest to return the tour to the port without completing it, when in the judgement of the tour operator the risk of the guests on that tour missing their ship’s departure time would be too great.

The wearing of seat belts on all tour coaches in the UK, whilst the vehicle is moving, is a legal requirement that must be adhered to.  Failure to do so is likely to cause injury in the event of an incident, even if the driver has to brake suddenly and sharply.

Also, failure to fasten your seatbelt may void any insurance claim that you may have against the tour vehicle operator in the event of an incident.

It is the responsibility of all adult guests on all tours to listen to all safety messages issued by tour personnel on their tour, and to adhere to all instructions issued by the tour operator for the greater good of the tour for all concerned.

It is also the responsibility of all adults on a tour to take sufficient care of all minors in their care at all times during their tour…this includes during time spent on the Invergordon Bus Tours site prior to boarding the tour vehicle, and on returning later.

Seats on all tours are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

If for example front seats are required to be taken, this must be indicated at the point of reservation, and a seat or seats will be allocated, subject to availability.

A no smoking policy applies on all tour vehicles, and it is a legal requirement in the UK that smoking does not take place in any building or structure frequented by the general public.  Also smoking is not permitted on any whisky distillery premises, except for if a distillery management have made provision for this.

All guests are asked to adhere to all tour timings, so as to maintain the schedule of their tour, and to ultimately return the tour to the port timely for their ship’s departure.

Would all guests joining a given tour please take note of it’s start time, and please make themselves known to the tour operator on site at least 15 minutes before their tour is due to leave the port.

12/10/2022 – Completion of 2022 cruise season.

We have just completed our 2022 cruise season, our first full season since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020.

This was, and was always going to be, a recovery season for us, as for others across hospitality and tourism, after more than 2 years of major disruption, and for ourselves closure.

Since restarting our shore excursion/tour activity on 25/04/2022, with prevailing conditions in mind, we decided to mirror the current cruise industry wide minimal precautionary operating standard by putting the following measures in place….

All our tour vehicles were disinfectant fogged at the start of all operating days.

The wearing of face masks by all guests was a mandatory condition of travel on all our tour vehicles. This measure is no longer required, although any guests that wish to wear one while travelling with us will be welcome to do so.

The front 4 seats (2+2) on all our tour vehicles were taken out of use for the earlier part of the season to create space between our guests and our tour crew. This measure is no longer required.

We provided hand hygiene facilities throughout our operation. This will remain as a good public health measure, as will the regular disinfection of all our tour vehicles.

At Invergordon Bus Tours we sincerely thank all guests that toured with us throughout this season like no other, for their perseverance, patience, and understanding as we restarted our operation with the health and safety of all concerned in mind.

All bodes well as we excitedly look forward to a healthy and prosperous 2023.

To conclude …

We would like to wish all people good health, safety, and good fortune going forward.

The team at Invergordon Bus Tours.