Are the tours that are for sale here the ones that are offered by the cruise line?

No. The tours offered for sale here are only offered for sale from Invergordon Bus Tours, who are independent of the cruise line and the port.

Does any other company offer exactly the same deal?

No. If you want to go on any of the tours offered for sale by this tour operator, you must reserve through this website only.

Do i get a refund if the port visit is cancelled?

Yes. You will get a full refund, less any fee that Pay Pal may charge Invergordon Bus Tours.

Where do we meet our tour?

When you emerge from Admiralty Pier, walk through the main port area, and out through the port exit gate, minding all road traffic. Once outside this gate look to your left and follow the signs. We are sited 8 – 10 minutes walking distance from your ship.

Who qualifies for the child seat price?

A youngster not older than 12 years old. ID may be requested prior to boarding a tour vehicle.

What is the status of a baby or toddler on a tour?

The child seat price applies, as a seat must be allocated for legal purposes, whether or not it is used.

If our ship is not berthed at Admiralty Pier, how do we get to the Invergordon Bus Tours site?

Please ask on your ship prior to arrival at the port if the ship is going to be berthed at Admiralty Pier… if you are going to be just follow the previous instruction. If not, please ask the port security person at the foot of your ship’s gangway how to get to Admiralty Pier, and then follow the earlier instruction from Admiralty Pier port exit gate. Please do this as soon as your ship berths, and ask how long you will need to get to Admiralty Pier.

If our ship anchors off all piers and quaysides, and we are tendered into the port, how do we locate the Invergordon Bus Tours site, and how much time will we need to allow to reach the site?

Please allow 40 minutes from leaving the ship. Firstly, ask a relevant crew member on your ship how to access the exit gate from Admiralty Pier port area, and then follow the original instruction regarding ships berthed on that pier. Also please ask the port security person at the port tender area to confirm directions to us.

Should we worry that the tour might be delayed returning to the port causing us to miss our ship's departure time?

No. There is no need to worry about this as all our tours are timed to arrive back at the port approximately 75 – 90 minutes prior to departure time.

If one in our group uses a disability wheel chair, will he/she be able to join one of the tours?

Yes.  So long as they do not require to remain in the chair and can manage minimal aided walking and a few stair steps.

Should i wish, whilst in port, to buy a fine bottle of Scotch Whisky, or other spirit, will I be permitted to bring it on board the cruise ship?

Yes you may do so, but you will not be permitted to consume it on board.